Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Valentine Puppies and Kisses (Have a Hart, #8) by Rachelle Ayala (Book review)

This is a book that I was gifted from the author for an honest review.

Larry and Jenna have it all—a fairy tale romance, a sweet and gassy basset hound dog, and a dream home on the way.

While Jenna charges ahead with her dreams, Larry is plagued by nightmares and doubts about their future.

As Valentine’s Day draws near, and with it, their first anniversary, Jenna plans a big surprise for Larry, a scarred and injured firefighter who is on disability.

When Harley, their hound dog, spoils the surprise, Jenna is shocked at Larry’s reaction.

Will a house full of puppies and kisses be the lucky charm Jenna needs to convince Larry that he can truly have a big and noisy happily-ever-after family?

My Thoughts
"Have a Hart" is a great series by one of my favorit authors and this book don't disappoint me. The story has a nice flow and it is easy to follow what is going on. Even if it is a while ago I read the other books in the series, I had no problem to get into the story and the characters.

What makes this book series and this book so great is the characters who feels so alive, so real. They have real problems like you and me and now when we have followed Larry and Jenna for while, we see that their perfect relationship isn't always so perfect and I hated it but also it made it more realistic. In a lot of book characters overcome some problem and then they live happily ever after. We "real" people don't do that so it was nice to read this book where you see that, the characters Larry and Jenna, have overcome things in the past but now faces new problems. It made the book so much better and so much more real.

Rachelle Ayala, is a great author because she always makes the characters real and you can relate to them due to their flaws and lives. This is something that makes me go back and read her books over and over again and Valentine Puppies and Kisses not an exceptions. I really love this book and this story. It made my heart ache, it made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me smile, just like a good book should. Sure there are places where I do swear and hate Rachelle due to what is going on but in the end, what happens makes the book so much better.

It is hard to imagine that I, in the beginning of the series didn't like Jenna but now I do like Jenna, I even like her a lot. Sure I don't love her and she isn't my favorit heroin but I really like her and I like seeing how she has grown in the books and in the series.

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful review. I'm so glad you enjoyed my story. Hearts, warts, tears, and all.