Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Hide My Heart by Rachelle Ayala (book review)

I read this book both as beta and an ARC and I should have put up the review a long time ago but so busy with work and no not perfect health but here it is.

A single mother on the run. 
Amber McKay ran away from home to find adventure. She found Hunter instead. Now Amber’s on the run again and this time she isn’t alone. 

A bartender and innkeeper who’s never left home.
Nate Riley has always had big dreams - leave home, marry, raise a family. Family responsibility stole those dreams. Will fate return them? 

A backwoods killer on the loose.
Nothing escapes Hunter Dixon. Especially his prize possession, Amber McKay. She is coming home no matter who has to die. 

When Amber finds out this may be her grandmother’s last Christmas, she is determined to say goodbye to the woman who always loved her. But she’s hiding from Hunter and has a secret. She turns to the one person who has never let her down, her childhood crush, Nate.

Nate agrees to help, but Hunter closes in. While Amber and Nate explore their budding romance, they must fight a crippling ice storm and a determined enemy to stay alive and protect her secret.

My thoughts
This book is one hell of a read which contain a great deep dark story but it also contains love, hope and romance. Rachelle Ayala is famous for using subjects and characters most other authors dont and it shows in this book. It is also something that makes me go back to her books over and over again.

Hide my Heart is the best book I have read in a very long time due to how the story is told and how and how many levels it is and how deep it is. The story captures you from the first word and it is impossible to stop reading it. It is a page turner and a book you just dont want to put down.

The main characters in the story is really well developed and feel so real. They are not perfect and shows that they are not perfect but they are perfect for telling this remarkable story.

I must say that this story is not for the faint hearted of for people who want a sweet cute love story without depth. This has so much story and so much going on. The hero is just perfect even if he isnt as hero-like as I bet many people want. But I like that Rachelle is stepping outside the "Disney princess" heroin who cant do anything on her own who needs a strong manly man to save her and do everything for her. And in this story both the hero and heroin is perfect for each other and makes the story go forward even with all the problems and twists that is going on.

This is a must read and so far it is the best read this year!

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